New Blog 01/29/2008

Well now that my website is nearing completion i thought i would reset my blog! And i will blog around every two days. Not every month.

I Have two new sections, "Books" in which there are rated books by me! (If you e-mail me i can reccomend you some books!) And also in that section MG Harris, a recently published author was kind enough to let me interrogate her! (Obviously not interriogate but you know...Go on there and you will find out). Also, i have "Awesome videos" Which i will update with some new videos! I will have around 5 videos, each replaced every month fighting for the awesome video title that will be announced by the end. I am also adding two more sections. 1. A poll for the likes of the awesome vids! 2. WHY Questions. (What? How? and, well Y (why) My first one if definitely, does the . go in or outside the bracket?