First Night 02/21/2008

Last night was out last rehearsal for Panto "Sleeping Beauty". Tonigh is also the first performance, o be honest i can't wait for the last one on Saturday, improv. mania. Always a laugh. And after the rest of the day at the pub! Coke galore (good god not the drug coke. Coca Cola. Though Coca Cola did use to have Coke in, obviously not anymore, though i wouldn't be surprised if there was. It's strangely addictive...)

I've just found two uncorrected proof books. How irritating. I remember one of them which shall remain unnamed was (i'm sorry to say) incredibly dire. The other was good, but had such a boring beginning it didn't even seem worth reading the rest. Not a good attitude i know. But i finished it now! Finally, both books have been published for nearly over a year now!

Skulduggery Pleasant 2: Playing With Fire is out in April, cannot wait! The cover is coolness. Green! The best coloud and you all know it really. (Orange second, obviously. I would have my website completely green but that's just silly isn't instead it's nearly completely orange!

Derek Landy is a very good author, nice sense of humor too. Yet he somehoe manages to include it into a real story. How i don't know but it's good! Ok so reading about a skeleton detective might seem strange i know. But anywho, theres a death in the beginning. And to be honest a book is only worth reading if someone dies at the beginning (not entirely true at all) but i seem to have picked up that habit from Tina! Who abondoned her four years work at Waterstones on the Isle Of Wight to another Waterstones where she was practically manager. (How selfish lol. Tine i don't hold a grudge. Just an annoying fraction of "How Could You!?" XD)

Anywho, oh yes Joshua Files! Read that one too! Hhhhmmm, that gives me an idea! :O  Oh the excitement!

It shall be up by the end of today, but won't be filled for a while...oh stuff that i've nothing better to do.

May your eyesight stay sharp! (he he book quote, though in the book it's actually may your swords stay sharp...oh my goodnees updates galore today!)



A Day Off... 02/19/2008

Well, having to go home early yesterday at Panto rehearsal, i've just about recovered from my illness and recieved news i had today off! Pretty relieved, but still i seem to have worn myself out. Modays Fridays and Sundays were my only close to full days off for around the last two months. So today, i played some basketball and when to see a film! Heard some reviews of "Jumper" they all sounded pretty good, so i decided to go see it! I thought it was quite good. I particually like Hayden Christian ever since he made his name.

After i came home, chilled out! XD Played basketball which shamefully i haven't done in a long time. And now i'm typing here. Listening to the one and only, Laura Michelle Kelly! I love her just about as much as Kristin Chenoweth, and that's saying alot. My mum knows her Dad, as confusing as it is to say in your head, i've met Laura a few times, my mum annoyingly on my part has met her too many times. Though the name Laura Michelle Kelly may sound familiar to you, no shes not that soap and fashion critic off Richard and Judy or someover ghastly morning program, but an amazing singer and actress, who has recently made her name in The Lord Of The Rings Musical, and co-staring alongside Johnny Depp in "Sweeney Todd". In which she plays Johanna, (Sweeneys wife) Shes featured on the soundtrack too! And currently she is doing a play with two hollywood actors. I forget there names, but Lauras name and voice isn't one to forget. I've only met her once, but even so, i have her signed album. How lovely!



Half Term? 02/16/2008

Well it's half term now, but i'm so busy this week it won't seem like it. I'm already incredibly tired and it's still Saturday. Well at least time isn't passing quick. Every day i'm busy this week, drama drama drama. Don't get me wrong, i like it, but it's tiring.

I've got a new video in the videos section. Kristin Chenoweth has taken over! I love her to bits and is so far in the lead in the Best Videos Annual Competition! (At the end of the year a video that has stayed on their the longest will go in the Hall Of Fame which will pop up at the end of the year. Feel free to comment on the videos and cast your votes by commenting on this blog!

I also have another new section, "Veggie" someone i know seems to dislike me for some reason and because i'm veggie, now hates vegetarians. So decided to link me to a page called "Sponser A Vegetarian." Where people who are sponsering a vegetarian eat three animals for every one their vegetarian saves. Well, i think it's stupid and childish and discriminating. But you can read my thoughts etc. in the new section!

I've also now become hooked on an Egyptian Tea with cinnamon and Liquorice in. I love it! Sounds nasty but it's hugely addictive.

Well that's all for now,