The world premier of Jesse James is a-coming! The poster is going on Home so if you live on the Island, or if you wanna come down just for the show, the deatils are all there. Saturday we have a 6 hour rehearsal, be glad the performances aren't that long!

Easter is near! Enjoy your choc everyone! But remember Jesus! :)

If there are any book-related request, you can either post here on my blog or you can send me a comment via the Home page.

I'll blog when theres more to blog!



Looky Here!

How cool is that!

Well it's been way to long since the last time i've blogged and i'm fairly ashamed :(

Jesse James coming soon! If you live on the Isle Of Wight go to Shanklin Theatre and see Jesse James! It's gonna be awesome. If i can i'll get a picture at the end of this. (End Of March 28th-29th Call: (01983) 868000)

My friend has been grounded and that sucks! But me crawling over 30 metres on the cold wet muddy ground so we could go for a jog and on bikes!? Not part of the bargain. Oh well we have fun.

I really don't have much to say apart from Happy Soon To Be Easter!