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Sci-Fi Fans, creativenss is about!

Graffiti Stargate!

And a fully functioning Lego Stargate! (Does not transport matter etc. through time and space, but it lights up and spins and stuff! How clever.)




Unusal blog title i know but it's a good comeback ok!? Heres a challenge, see how many times you can use it in one day. But don't go starting a social war, say it pleasantly :)

Nothing much to talk about apart from :O i saw a yellow camaro! It's mine! XD



Well well well, this morning (9am) it was bloomin 33 Degrees! (Celcius) duno what it was mid-day but it was hot hot hot! Went to the beach, did alot of walking, and in total i have had 9 sun-bathing hours since friday. First i had a tan and theeeen burn!!!!!!! Not too bad and it should fade and i'll get a nice tan back again :)

Sea was warm! :O No waves though, if there had been i would have taken the surfboard down despite only having two fins since one has snapped off.

Well, s'all though i must say i'm liking the sound of coldplays new album, viva la vida. Both Violet Hill and Viva La Vida are excellent! (And i saw Coldplay at the Isle Of Wight Rock Festival! :D)


iGod 05/08/2008



Have a chat with God! Whether you want to repent, or your just bored.

My SAT's are continuing, ZZZZZZZZZZZ Science tomorrow, CANNOT do it. I thought i like it but i no longer do! (Sorry MG XD)


SATs 05/06/2008

Oh. Dear. I've had Math SATs all day today, have terrible headache and i'm exhausted! And i still have another load of English shakespeare, and science. I might end up having a brain hemmorage by the end of tommorow, seriously mental overload, a nervous breakdown is also a possibility...

Anyone read the play Much Ado About Nothing? Good play :) I have my SATs on it...so...yeah...






Uh, a joke to break the ice maybe?...

A blind man walked into a bank with his seeing-eye dog that guided him everywhere. He walked into the center of the bank floor, took the dog by the chain, and started swinging him around his head.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared. The other customers were taken aback and some were very upset at the way the animal was being treated. One of the tellers ran up to the blind man and asked, "Sir, what are you doing!?!"

The man turned toward the teller and said, "Oh, nothing - just looking around."

However cruel to that poor dog that man is, well, it's just cruel. It's surprising how many cruel animal jokes there are. Another Example,

How do you make a dog drink?

Put it in the blender.

Rather crude don't ya think.

Got any good jokes? Send a comment via. the front page tool thingy, and i'll post it, or you can leave a comment here, whatever. ;)