Animal Cruelty 08/30/2008

So this how it all started

A nice day at the beach, big waves fun in the sea. The tide goes out and leaves behind a fairly deep pool of water large enough for all the toddlers to swim in, when out of no where, a shark is found. In the pool.

What happened next has upset me and some of my friends.

The shark was taken out of the pool, left to suffocate, then paraded around the beach on a body board. Fair? I don't think so. Did the people that killed it have ANY right to take away it's life? NO. So WHY DID THEY DO IT!? What was the point? They took away an innocent animals life for WHAT!? For people to poke and stare at? To take pictures of and prod and play with it? It's the equivalent to dancing on someones grave. Or digging up a dead body and prodding it and showing it around.

The way that shark was treated was absolutely cruel and it did nothing to deserve that.

Now a shark, in the UK that's RARE! And what's happened to it!? Killed.

No Wonder Sharks Aren't In The UK. Sharks Don't like our water? I think otherwise.



Well well, it's been a while

Drug Tunes (Addictive Songs!) Pendulum Feat. Freestylers- Fasten Your Seatbelts. I like anything Pendulum (despite their latest album being a bit of a let down) but this songs catchy, and i can't sit still while listening to it! If your bored, alone, listen to this and have a one man rave!!!!

So Today, i've been being a Lake Middle School Student as an extra for a feature film "The Lost Boy". Today they were shooting a trailer to get attention and for investors so they can get more money to start filming in February. So, hence the make-up. And wasn't it fun!! Yes we had to do the same thing over 20 times from different angles, Slower, faster, happier, louder, who cares, it was a blast! he he.

So that's all really, and gosh it's been a while.

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