Some Thoughts... 04/24/2008

It's been a while but that doesn't mean my ingenious has been lacking! Ok, no ingenious, honestly, i'm well known for not having many thoughts, but i'm calling this post "Some Thoughts" so there.

Bull Terriors, why does no one like them!? There small, and hardly any of them are vicous. Leave the Bull Terriors aloooone!

Yellow Camaro, it's in the picture above...isn't it gorgeous!? Yellow is def the best! You don't like? Well then i might shun you...shuuuuun, shuuuuuuuuun!

Summer, is it Summer yet? I say Yes, it's summer term for schools, and it's bright and sunny! Well at least where i stand. Though it occasionally rains and usually brightens up in the afternoon.

Don't be a pessemist, everyday it summer! XD