Well well, it's been a while

Drug Tunes (Addictive Songs!) Pendulum Feat. Freestylers- Fasten Your Seatbelts. I like anything Pendulum (despite their latest album being a bit of a let down) but this songs catchy, and i can't sit still while listening to it! If your bored, alone, listen to this and have a one man rave!!!!

So Today, i've been being a Lake Middle School Student as an extra for a feature film "The Lost Boy". Today they were shooting a trailer to get attention and for investors so they can get more money to start filming in February. So, hence the make-up. And wasn't it fun!! Yes we had to do the same thing over 20 times from different angles, Slower, faster, happier, louder, who cares, it was a blast! he he.

So that's all really, and gosh it's been a while.

If you have any suggestions for me to update my page with, feel free to comment.




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