More Animal Cruelty- On the news recently a lion has been reported on the loose in Belfast, and they are hunting it.

Well, it's in Belfast so there is a high risk or people getting hurt. But why kill it? Why not use tranquilizers and capture it. Is there really a need to kill it?

The neglect on animals has become so common that people take the rash easier option of killing animals.

Book Classics- Is there a reason why modern books aren't thought of as classics? Would any books from this period of time be remembered as classics, such as we remember Great Expectations as a classic. Movies are re-released on DVD and called classics, films from only a few years ago. Why does this not happen to books?

I think that the majority of authors write their books like a movie, writing what they see in their head, and only see it as a movie.I've listed one or two exceptions from my experience. Because of this their thoughts are harder to be read, because of the lack of description. Just my thoughts, anyone else have any different points or views?


MG Harris

Michelle Paver

Caroline Wilkinson

Derek Landy

Rick Riordan

JK Rowling

Stephenie Meyer

All i can think of right now. Would anyone else like to suggest some authors? I'll add it to the list :)







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